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Declan Gilmore's Quick Guide To Smoothies

Top food and exercise boffin Dec Gilmore of NNSport Coaching Gives us his view on what makes up a good smoothie

By Declan Gilmore

They are not a substitute for whole seasonal foods - but these delicious smoothies are great on the go or if you are too rushed for breakfast.

Because everything is blended the nutrients are  absorbed quickly and ideal for pre/post workout  or exercise.
There are thousands of recipes from the really  tasty to the down right disgusting!
Try keep the sugars to a minimum and to avoid a spike in the blood sugar levels.

Don't over do the amount of fruit but add more veg instead, use the 80/20 rule. I mix and match whatever I have but  some of my staples are ...

  • Mixed seeds - ground up as they are easier to digest and they are full of protein and will fill you up

  • A handful of organic porridge oats -low GI carbs

  • Kefir milk - brilliant probiotics  

  • Greens like Kale or fresh spinach - Vitamin K  and essential minerals            

  • Fresh raw beetroot- packed with nutrients and antioxidants

Happy Blending Folks !!


About Declan

I am an IINH qualified (higher diploma) nutrition and health coach specialising in sports performance where I incorporate my passion for local seasonal whole-foods with training, injury prevention, hydration and sleep advice. I design individual, realistic and sustainable plans to suit all ages and levels involved in sport.

Declan Gilmore 

H-Dip IINH Nutrition & Health Coach


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